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Personal Financial Literacy I, II, III

Personal Financial Literacy I: Budgets, Saving and Retirement 
What is a budget and why are they important? How are saving and retirement linked? Money is a difficult subject to talk about, yet money management is an important component of life. One of the ways that people have control over their money, and their life, is to create a budget and hold themselves accountable to ensure they do not spend more than the money they bring in. This module explores these topics for the uninitiated so the future will look even brighter. 
Personal Financial Literacy II: Investing, Insurance, Real Estate and Loans 
What can I do with the money I have? How can I protect my investments? Can I afford to buy a home or go to college? These are the gateway questions to adulthood that we all face. Making good sound decision in this aspect of life is crucial to future happiness and satisfaction. This unit provides key points toward understanding the pathways to a prosperous life. 
Personal Financial Literacy III: More Budgeting, Saving, Investing, and Retirement 
Different types of investments perform better when the economy is booming, then when the economy has high inflation and is headed towards a recession. Students will learn about real estate investments, which tend to perform well during inflation, as well as analyze cryptocurrency and NFTs more closely. Together with previous units, students can understand what assets are worthwhile to make them financially secure and build generational wealth. In addition, students will learn more about taxes and how they can position themselves for investing success. 


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Three sessions that will provide teachers with a learning experience on Budgets, Saving, retirement, investing, insurance, real estate, and loans to enhance their craft when teaching the new Personal Financial Literacy course approved to count for economics graduation credit.

Guest Speaker: Ray Hughel.

Dimension 1.4: Activities, Dimension 2.2: Content Knowledge and Expertise, Dimension 4.3: Professional Development; Standard 5 - Strategic Operations

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Arlene Villarreal
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6/29/2023 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM REGION 19 ESC - Paso del Norte 3
6611 Boeing Drive, El Paso, 79925

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